1 What is PebbleCoin?

PebbleCoin is the one of the first crypto-currencies to utilize smart contracts and trade them as freely as coins - with a revolutionary next step. Attached to each contract is the outcome a public event such as a football match, horserace, performance of a fantasy lineup, or a currency’s price.

PebbleCoins are neither created nor destroyed. Each PebbleCoin converts into two smart contracts (a wager or bet) that may be graded over the distributed network (the outcome determined/transaction settled) and converted back into one PebbleCoin . In its purest form, fractions of the contract (or PebbleCoin) are divisible up to 9 decimal places and may be freely traded amongst the users of the eco-system prior to grading/settlement.

2 What is my BCI Wallet?

Blockchain Innovations’ crypto wallet allows users to access the smart contracts eco-system to place wagers and buy, sell, or exchange contracts. It also allows you to exchange popular crypto for Pebble, send and receive crypto to multiple addresses.

The wallet currently maintains four currencies: Pebbles, Bitcoin (Bitcoin Core), Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC), and Ethereum (Geth). It also features and address book addresses in any of the supported currencies and will continue to support additional currencies. It offers one-click, conversions of any supported currency to PebbleCoin. The user can also send or receive any of the currencies supported via email and PebbleGo.

3 How do I get started?

Obtaining Cryptocurrency & PebbleCoin:

You must buy crypto to hold crypto. BCI and PebbleCoin do not interact with the legacy financial system, so you'll have to use another service for this step. The easiest way to get started is to buy bitcoin with your national currency and then exchange bitcoin or any of the cryptocurrencies we support for PebbleCoin when you wish to wager.

Exchange for any supported currency and PebbleCoin is at the spot rate and neither BCI, [the Operator], nor PebbleCoin holders receive any fees for this exchange.

For users in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America BCI suggests purchasing bitcoin with Coinbase. Coinbase may be used in 32 countries, a list of supported countries is available on their website.

4 How do I send my cryptocurrency?

On the Wallet page, which is accessible by clicking Wallet on the far left panel after logging in, click the “Send Coins” button and follow the prompts to enter the address, amount to send, and confirmation of the transaction.

5 How do I receive cryptocurrency?

On the Wallet Page, copy your wallet address and provide that address to the individual or organization, once sent, the coins and additional balance will be displayed in your wallet.

6 How do I see a transaction history for sending and receiving cryptocurrency?

A history of all transactions is displayed on the Wallet page.

7 How does BCI keep my money safe?

Coin Security:

Neither BCI nor this website store, send, or receive PebbleCoin. The Website does not store, send or receive PebbleCoin. This is because PebbleCoin exist only by virtue of the ownership record maintained in the PebbleCoin network. Any transfer of title in PebbleCoin occurs within a decentralized PebbleCoin network, and not on the Website.

When using PebbleShare, coins in a wallet are stored on-blockchain where a real-time record of balance and all transaction are publicly available. The public and private keys to this wallet are in cold storage, that is they are not housed on any server.

Protecting Your Account:

It is your responsibility to protect access to your account. Never share your password with anyone or access the site when you are not using a secure network.

BCI’s website and wallet use multi-factor authentication for sign-in. When signing in, users elect to receive either a SMS text message or email with a confirmation code to verify your identity. BCI will offer additional security in the near future through verification via mobile application authentication.

8 How do I place a wager with PebbleCoin?


PebbleShare is our easy to use wallet functionality that allows you to access the smart contracts eco-system convert PebblesCoin into new contracts (wagers). One account for four currencies and access to the smart contracts eco-system.

The contracts (wagers) you create can be sent to any blockchain or email address. The recipients can access the PebbleCoin or contract (wager) sent to them with a single click on the email’s link and then creating a password. PebbleCoin or contracts stored on PebbleShare can be sent back to a blockchain address or transferred to other email addresses. Multiple email addresses can be linked by the receiver to one account.

Placing a bet via the smart contracts eco-system:

The Smart Contracts Eco-system enables bid/ask contract matching between the parties in the eco-system (i.e. the player and the operator or a set of players).

Unlike traditional casinos or sportsbooks, you maintain control of your own PebbleCoin and contracts (wagers) through BCI’s PebbleGo functionality. When you are ready to wager, PebbleGo locks your coins until the game is over. PebbleGo delivers provable instant confirmation of an irreversible trade before its posted to the blockchain and all transactions post to blockchain in a manner that is both publicly verifiable and maintains anonymity of the individual trading parties.

9 How long does it take to receive my winnings?

Payments received and winnings show up almost instantly, however, the operator may have certain policies that delay receipt.

10 How do I see the details of my bets and potential winnings?

On the Contracts page, which is accessible by clicking Contracts on the far left panel, a list of all bets and the potential winnings will be listed underneath the “Contracts Owned” table.

11 How do I sell/share/transfer my wagers before the outcome?

From the contracts page, scroll to the Send Contracts table and follow the prompts to select the wager you intend to sell, share or transfer and then enter the email or crypto-address where you intend to send the wager prior to grading.

12 Does BCI charge a fee to send or receive cryptocurrency or a bet?

Yes, BCI has three sets of charges:

  1. • BCI charges 0.1 PebbleCoin to you, the player, for each wager of any amount placed.
  2. • BCI also charges 0.1 PebbleCoin each time you transfer PebbleCoin from your wallet to PebbleShare, regardless of the amount; and
  3. • A fee of one-half of one percent (.0015) is taken from the total of the winning wager.
13 How do I see the value of all my digital assets?

A current value of the crypto-currencies maintained in your wallet is available on the Portfolio page, which is accessible by clicking Portfolio on the far left panel.

14 May I access my wallet from multiple devices?

Yes, you may access your wallet from multiple devices. Once logged in to the browser, users can decrypt private keys and access the wallet from anywhere

15 What languages and cryptocurrencies do you support?


Currently, English is the only language supported. Additional languages will be added, such as Chinese, German, Spanish, and Russian soon and BCI will continue to regularly add additional languages.


BCI’s wallet supports PebbleCoin (PEB) the gaming-by-design crypto-currency for wagering, we also support: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. BCI will continue to regularly add additional supported crypto-currencies.